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Discover the Total Benefits of our
DC-Max Cab Extensions

More Driver Comfort

People come in all shapes and sizes when it comes to body size. Truck designers, however, have to work in the middle of the range to try and make everyone happy. Balancing the need for chassis weight and truck body restrictions results in less room in the cab for larger drivers. Our DC-Max opens up the wall space behind the seat, letting it go farther back for long legs and increased tilt for longer arms. Say goodbye to cramped legs and door back from hunching over steering wheels. For fleet owners trying to find drivers, offering them a bigger office can make all the difference.

Designed for Customization

Unlike standard automotive upholstery, the DC-Max interiors are designed for customization. Flat, durable, and dent-resistant wall and floor panels are easy to mount using the supplied rivets. Need a coat hook or a shelf? With DC-Max, there are no problems adding it. We also offer bolt-in components such as file cabinets and fold-up tables to make life a little easier on the road.

Easy Installation

We put a lot of thought into the design of the new DC-Max integration. We wanted to simplify the process while maintaining or improving the cab structure. The integration ring is self-locating and fully bonds to the strongest points on the cab back wall. Once installed, the mounting ring becomes the cut template for removing the inner wall panel. The mounting ring permanently eliminates the chance of water intrusion as it bonds to the cab and requires no bodywork or painting after installation. Once the box is in place, hard-trim upholstery panels cover the joint and give you a durable professional factory interior finish.


Reduce Slip Accidents
Easy Access To Cab Space
Extra Wide Rear Window
Side Windows
Easy Outside Access To Safety Items


Ultra Lightweight
Super Strong Panel Design
OEM Specific Double O-ring Bond Channel
Custom Tooled Hard Trim
4 Ply Wall Construction

Chassis Upfit Advantage

No Cab Support Relocation
More Frame Space
Low Weight Impact Lets You Carry More
Low Roof Height
Easily Locate And Install Electrical Pass Throughs
Maximize Your Frame With 4 Different Size Boxes

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