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With over 20 years in the business, you know we've got your back ... Literally!

You spend long hours on the road, and drivers come in all shapes and sizes. It's hard for OE Ms to design a space that is a fit for everyone. Cramped arms and legs result in sore necks, back pain, and stiff knees. Worst-case it stops you from making money.

Daycab storage is also in short supply. Safety gear, coats, boots, paperwork and your lunch never seem to have a good home. You need your stuff close at hand.

More Driver Comfort

The DC-Max Backpack creates a larger cab, with increased seat-tilt, and legroom. Drivers have a comfortable workspace, increasing your fleets appeal and driver retention.

Designed for Customization

Max interiors are highly customizable with durable wall and floor panels easily mounted with supplied rivets. You can choose from our solutions including cabinets, fold­up tables and storage caddy organizers, or use the blank canvas to make your road-office/overlanding
** dreams come true.

Easy Installation

Installing the DC-Max is a breeze. The integration ring self-locates and bonds to the backwall with aerospace adhesive. An indestructible bond is created to the cab wall. It eliminates water intrusion and the need for bodywork. Hard-trim upholstery panels provide a durable, better than OEM quality finish. OEM Exterior paint finishes are also available. You will be in and out of the installer in a day.


Revolutionizing Truck Cab Interiors with Innovative Solutions

For over 20 years, Composite Panel Technologies has been the industry leader in manufacturing innovative composite panels and panel systems.

The DC-Max Daycab Expansion System utilizes lightweight laminated composite panels to provide a premium product that increases space and functionality with minimum weight impact.

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The Day Cab Extension System

DC-Max Extensions are Compatible with ALL Leading Truck Manufacturers.

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What our Customers say about Us

  • “The DC-Max DC-27 sleeper bunks are great for my guys. It allows them to sleep on-site when working remotely without traveling long distances back to town. The insulated sleeper box keeps them warm and comfortable at night.”

    Matt Stromerson
  • “The design and construction of the DC-Max makes it easy for our guys to install. The tooled parts in the kit mate up with the cab structure and cab interior perfectly. It is hard to tell this unit is not factory installed once it is finished.”

    Jeff Kohler – Fontaine Modifications
  • “The DC-27 installed on my Cascadia is everything I wanted and more! Lots of room to sleep and my drivers love the added seat room. Every time I lay down in my new sleeper, I think this is the best thing that I could have done to my truck”

    Rahul Verma
  • The T880 we have on order has our customers very excited, we have three offers now and working with customers on more orders

    John Monoco Pape Kenworth

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